bus journeys and Covid-19

We take infection control seriously!

Certified infection control

Our buses are disinfected and processed every day. Our infection control measures have given us DNV's certification in the field of infection control, as one of the world's first bus companies. Here you can read more about the MyCare certification

Other measures on board our buses

During periods and in areas with a large increase in infection, the FHI recommends that travelers use a mouthpiece. There may be reasons why travellers cannot or should not use a mouthpiece and this must be respected. 

There may also be local recommendations or injunctions. It's important that you get into these and follow them. We also do our part to ensure you a safe journey with OsloBuss during the pandemic.

  • We ask travellers to strive to keep the necessary distance to fellow passengers and driver.
  • We do extra cleaning on important contact surfaces on board regularly.
  • We've blocked the first row of all the buses.
  • We do not allow boarding at the front of the bus. Travellers must use rear doors.
  • We have hung up information posters from the Directorate of Health, as well as information about our routines in all buses.
  • Visible and accessible hand liquor at the front door in all buses

Infection control

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has published a national guide to infection protection in public transport.
It deals with measures for drivers, bus companies and for passengers. The entire guide can be read here.
Based on the supervisor, we have created a infection control poster that describes the most important advice, as well as guidelines for where in the bus your group can sit.

Our drivers rely on your help to prevent the infected from boarding the bus - and that the journey is carried out according to the Directorate of Health's supervisor. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Click on the image to see the full-size poster.