Frequently Asked Questions

Questions - and answers

Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions our customer reception receives.
Here you will get answers on how your group will proceed when picking up at Gardermoen Airport.

Contact our customer service

Customer Service: 22 44 15 60
Email: post@oslobuss.no

1. Have you lost or forgotten anything on the bus?

Items found on one of our buses are taken care of by our service personnel who pass this on to our office. The items can normally be retrieved the next business day. The office has opening hours from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00. Please contact us before you arrive so we can confirm if your item has been found. Phone: 22 44 15 60 | Email:post@oslobuss.no

What routines should we follow if we are to be picked up by you at Gardermoen?

The tour buses are not allowed to wait at the terminal, due to a lack of space. The buses are in a separate parking lot 1-2 minutes from the airport.
·       Once the group is gathered, one from the group can turn to the transport counter (the counter is located right at the arrival exit on the 1st floor).
·       The leader of the group tells you which group and which flight they come from and that you will be picked up by OsloBuss AS.
·       The transport counter says then which platform the group will meet the bus on.
·       The Transport counter calls the driver and makes a request and to drive to the agreed platform.
·       If problems occur at Gardermoen, our traffic manager can be contacted by phone +47 45 83 09 94.

Can we rent a bus without a driver?

We often get requests if there are opportunities to rent a large bus without a driver. Unfortunately, thats not possible. The main reason for this is that it contradicts section 10 of the Act on "Renting of a motor vehicle". All vehicles over 17 seats shall be operated by employee drivers who hold the necessary paperwork to drive bus in Norway. With us, however, you can rent a minibus both with and without a driver. The minibuses operated by our drivers are of a high standard. The minibuses that can be rented without a driver have a somewhat simpler standard, but are of more recent date.
·       Tour bus – always with driver
·       Minibus – with driver (16 passengers)
·       Minibus - without driver (16+1 passengers)

Can we have something to eat and drink during the trip?

We have set it up so that drivers sell coffee, tea and mineral water. In addition, drivers can offer simple dishes of the type; "instant cup soup". After pre-order, we can also deliver for example baguettes. See more info on the Catering site.

Can we order easy dining through you?

Yes! In cooperation with Gunnar Ruud Catering, we have developed our own bus menus that can be served during the journey. We can organize everything from coffee and mineral water to baguettes, cuts and other light finger food. Take a look at our menu and feel free to contact us for further questions around our menu! Read more here.

Can we watch movies during the trip?

Yes, all our buses have DVD facilities. We ask that passengers bring their own films if possible.

How do we pay for the trip?

If you have any other questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer. You can also fill in our contact form (see tab in the bottom right), and we'll call you! Customer service: 22 44 15 60
Email: post@oslobuss.no