About us—our vision and our motto

Safety all the way

We give you peace of mind throughout the process: From the booking is made, with short response time, clear prices with no hidden charges, with secure payment solutions, to the journey itself, from the customer going on board and until the customer arrives at the destination. We call it, "Safety all the way."

short about us

Development and environmental focus

OsloBuss® has developed into one of Eastern Norway's largest bus companies. With a strong focus on healthy operations and on the environment, we believe OsloBuss will have a strong foothold in the future. We want to sit in the driver's seat for the green shift and are actively working to contribute to our common climate goals. We're going to go ahead and show the way!  Our staff consists of competent employees with a long track record from the bus industry, other industries and large corporations. The composition adds "breathing breath of fresh air" through a focus on routines, structure, innovation and technology development. This contributes to new innovative and customer services tailored to our customers' needs, as well as a focus on healthy and sustainable operations. We believe this will be crucial in a competitive industry that we are a part of.

We have a modern and environmentally friendly bus park consisting exclusively of vehicles with latest generation environmental engines. The bus park is now being replaced with fossil-free electric coaches at a fast pace. We follow manufacturers' instructions in relation to service intervals and have necessary maintenance agreements. This helps to ensure a good and safe delivery

the year we were founded

A lot has happened since we started up under the name Oslo Bussutleie, in 2002.

1 200 000
passengers every year (2019)

We perform daily shuttle services and carry an average of about 3,500 passengers every day.

Management systems 

• ISO 9001 (quality)
• ISO 14001 (environment)
• ISO 45001 (HSE)
• MyCare (infection control)
• Environmental lighthouse

• Clear organizational structure
• Focus on continuous improvement and development

Our vision

Safety all the way

Safety all the way adorns all our buses in capital letters. For us, it's about much more than a safe journey, because for us it's a matter of course. Safety all the way is reflected in every aspect of the organisation: from customer and supplier to each employee. We continuously strive to establish, maintain and develop positive attitudes both internally and in relation to our customers and partners. OsloBuss shall be a safe and predictable employer, a safe and predictable customer and a safe supplier that you can always trust. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

As a customer, you should be safe throughout the process: From the time the order is made to the customer arrives at the destination. We have a fully automatic warning system that provides up-to-date information about, among other things, contact information to the driver and a link to tracking the bus, so you can see where your bus is at all times.

As a customer with us, you shall drop all concerns and the invoice amount shall match the agreed price. You should also be assured that the driver serving one of our vehicles is experienced, has completed a training program and is checked out on the relevant vehicle.

Our employees

As a customer with us, you should be assured that the driver serving one of our vehicles has experience and has completed the company's training program for drivers. All our employees help to deliver a predictable, safe and comfortable bus journey in accordance with our routines.

Our local, skilled and friendly drivers are regularly coached to meet our customer service and environmentally friendly driving style requirements. We have a zero vision in the work of safety, to avoid harm to people, material and the environment. Therefore, one of our most important measures is to implement annual courses in life-saving first aid. Our employees are our most important resource!

Social responsibility

For us, it's important to support it locally. That's why we set aside an amount each year that is distributed on teams, associations, projects and other organizations. Since 2019, we have been the proud main sponsor of Idrettslaget Kjelsås.


As an Eco-Lighthouse, we work systematically on environmental measures in everyday life. We meet criteria and implement measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and good working environment. All vehicles are part of a regular maintenance plan, and we work systematically with health, safety and the environment – and comply with all requirements of the Internal Control Regulations.

One of our environmental measures we have implemented is to register driving style and consumption against each other and we carry out internal eco-driving courses. The vehicles have the necessary driving analysis system in order to document deviations and to be able to uncover areas of improvement.

ISO quality work

We are ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is the world's most recognized standard for quality management. The certification enables us to work more purposefully with the company's quality system and processes. This contributes to increased efficiency and above all it is about customer satisfaction – that we want our customers to be 100% satisfied when they have travelled with us.

You can read more about the Iso certification here.

Constant development

Together with the technology company Ferdia, we are building the industry's leading IT platform for the tour bus industry. Our technological solutions also streamline administrational work and contribute to a more environmentally friendly use of the bus fleet.

We work hard to deliver safety and quality to our customers – from the first click, throughout the journey until the invoice is paid.