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Get transported
in one of our luxury company carriages

We offer luxurious VIP cars of high standard. The cars have individually adjustable chairs and are ideal for 1 to 6 people with luggage. Our cars are mercedes S-class and V-Class and are top equipped and very comfortable for both shorter and longer distances. The cars are staffed by our most experienced and punctual drivers with long experience in the company.  They take you to your destination in a safe, secure and comfortable way.

Hire of bus with driver for larger event

Punctuality and professionalism in focus

Safety all the way

Our suited-up drivers ensure safe and secure transport. Our planners can facilitate transportation for delegations and conferences, or for meetings and other events where there is a need for transportation, either for you or your account. We are good at logistics and can take total responsibility for both small and large operations that require large volumes with different car categories. We have both passenger cars, vans, minibuses and buses in our vehicle fleet.

Airport shuttle

We take care of the transport

If you land at one of the airports in the central eastern region, we'll be ready to pick you up and your entourage. We follow the flight in real time and stand ready at the arrivals hall. Don't worry if the flight is delayed.

Our operations centre follows all our operations in real time and can make changes at short notice. If your flight is delayed, or the meeting takes longer than expected, we'll be ready to pick you up. Get in touch and we'll help you plan your transport for you and your entourage.

experience oslo's sights with
private driver and own guide

Sightseeing in Oslo?

We can facilitate transport with local-renowned Oslo guides. We are happy to participate in the process to make the best possible trip with the experiences Oslo has to offer. Please get in touch and we will help you with your planning!

Wedding transport

Mercedes V-Class

Cars adapted for every occasion

Our Mercedes V-class can accommodate up to 6 passengers, but we recommend this type of car for groups of 4 to 5 people with luggage. The car is well suited for transport on longer distances. Please get in touch and we will help you plan your transport!

Our VIP company carriages:

Mercedes S-class

Stylish and elegant, while the car is discreet. Is the best you get in the sedan segment. Suitable for either transfer transport or wedding.

  • 4 zone air conditioning
  • Dark windows
  • Leather seats
  • Free 4G Wifi (must be ordered)
  • Good legroom
  • Equipped with all safety systems
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Mercedes V-class

The car has up to 6 seats, but is best suited for groups of 4 to 5 people.

  • Air conditioning
  • Dark windows
  • Good legroom
  • Free 4G Wifi (must be ordered)
  • Reversible and adjustable captain's chairs
  • Equipped with all safety systems
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